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AI-aided Drug Discovery Made Simple

We strive to help every scientist to design successful drugs with AI

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Drug Engine

We believe AI drug discovery techniques should be accessible to all scientists, esp. those in SMEs and academia. We present Drug Engine, the first AI-aided drug discovery platform which is

01 / Powerful

Drug Engine integrates all the AI, Data Science and collaboration tools you need for early drug discovery research, collaboration and project management. 

02 / Easy-to-use

Drug Engine is an intuitive web platform that requires no training and IT support to perform complex research tasks such as ultra-scale Virtual Screening.   

03 / Secure

Drug Engine is built with the strictest security, privacy, and compliance requirements, which safeguards your intellectual property against accidental loss or disclosure.  

Benefits of Drug Engine


Increase company value

Drug Engine integrates best-in-class AI algorithms, which help you to add more candidates to the pipeline and identify variable viable applications of existing molecular assets.


Accelerate research 

Drug Engine is also an easy-to-use collaboration platform built for drug discovery teams, which breaks the silos between AI, data science, biology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.


Reduce cost

Drug Engine is a secure and affordable web platform that can be hosted by a private or public cloud server, which is cost-efficient for Pharma SMEs and academics who have little or no IT support.

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